If you Blend it...

Series 1 has launched, the Monochrome /50 variants have dropped!
You can Blend 5 Monochome variants of the same card into a Radiate /5 variant of that card, while supplies last.

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Series 1 dropped May 31, 2021!

The drops started first with the Monochrome variant (mint of 50 each) on May 31, 2021!
You can blend 5 Monochrome /50 variants into a Radiate /5 variant, while supplies last.
Click on a Monochrome image below to view the drop page!

Series 1 - Launches May 31, 2021

Series 1 will consist of 5 variants:
Monochrome - Mint of 50 each
Saturate - Mint of 25 each
Radiate - Mint of 5 each
Glow - Mint of 3 each
Shine - Mint of 1 each

Twitter Giveaway Promo: Splatter - Mint of 10 each

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